What we offer

The company provides all types of freight transportation throughout the EU and Switzerland with a focus on refrigerated transport – the company has obtained ADR, HACCAP, Pharma Certificates  and also ISO 9001:2015

We use freight vehicles for the delivery of larger shipments and vans and motor bikes for small and fast shipments.
The Freight Forwarding Department, which organises the most economical and safe conditions for the shipping, delivery and transportation of your goods, is indispensable.We also offer the transport of persons and business partners throughout the EU.

If you require uniquely welded custom-made products, our experts with more than 20 years of experience in the industry will gladly help you.

We are here for you

We are a young growing company with an ambitious team with more than 10 years of experience in this kind of activity.
Upon establishment, we set out the goal that average is not good enough for us, and that we would continue to strive to do better.

We are honest, reliable and adapt to the needs and desires of our clients and business partners.
By doing so, we strengthen our reputation as a trustworthy business partner.

“Our goal is not quantity, but quality.”


Some of our clients